Diet high in Omega3 and low in cholesterol could reduce risk of developing Alzheimers

Those who have plenty of omega 3 in their diet and keep their cholesterol low could be reducing their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, new findings have suggested.
A diet high in omega 3 oils and low in cholesterol could help reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, new research has shown.

Professor Daniel Michaelson of Tel Aviv University said that the negative effects of APOE4 – one of the five molecules known to affect or cause Alzheimer’s – can be reduced by such a diet.

According to Professor Michaelson, APOE4 comes in both good and bad forms. It is carried by around half of all Alzheimer’s patients and in 15 per cent of the general population.

“Conditions that are generally considered good can be harmful if the mouse is a carrier of the APOE4 gene. Extrapolating this to the human population, individuals with the bad APOE4 gene are more susceptible to stress caused by an environment that stimulates their brain,” he explained.

This comes after research published in journal Cell indicated that a new blood test could be used to detect Alzheimer’s disease, years before the symptoms emerge.

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