What to look for with regards omega-3

There are a large number of  brands available on shelf and online and people often get confused with what they are actually  getting for their money . A lot of products say on label that they are 1000mg Omega-3  however what is the actual amount of EPA and DHA in each capsule ? How concentrated is the product  It varies widely and can be surprising  for example although it says 1000mg Omega -3 you may only be getting  ie. 150mg EPA and 100 mg DHA per  1000mg capsule . They may also recommend that you take multiple capsules per day .  Most companies detail the amount of EPA and DHA contained in each capsule on the rear of the pack  - We took the decision to make life as simple as possible and clearly show all the relevent information on the front of the box so you can see immediately what is in each capsule – it is also detailed on supplemental info on the rear of the pack .  TakeOmega3 Mind Body Cardio is an 85%  pharmaceutical grade omega 3 concentrate with 750mg EPA and 50mg DHA per capsule and is a one capsule per day dose. We feel this is one of the best omega-3 products available  it takes 8 weeks to produce our oil during which time it is tested regularly throughout the process .It is produced in a facility here in the UK  which is licensed by the MHRA this ensures that the omega-3 has attained the highest standards of purity and compliance.

Where does the oil originate ?  Does it use sustainable fish stocks ? Again this is something that isnt  always obvious – does the company bulk buy  from third parties . To be honest very few companies will advise where their oil is manufactured, we are proud to say that ours is made in the UK . We have a strong ethical code and only use fish from sustainable fish stocks from the purest waters – we do not bulk buy oil from 3rd parties . With regards our Mind Body Cardio formulation the oil used comes from sustainable fish stocks we only use anchovies  sardines and it is a by product – so we are not taking the fish just for the oil. As a company we believe strongly in the principals of  Marine Conservation and adhere to them strictly.

How much omega-3 should you take each day – there have been numerous studies on this topic – what is certain is that the various Health Organisations recommend that you should each 2 portions of oily fish per week – sardines and mackerel are some of the best sources though it is not to everyones taste hence there is a case for supplementation.

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