Top boffins beat themselves up for science’s sake

A pair of top scientists at Dundee’s Abertay University have been beating themselves up to test the recovery properties of a unique product.
Dr John Barbraj and his colleague Dr Ross Lorimer are looking to evaluate a special formulation of a unique Omega 3 fish oil. The pair are putting the Scottish-based product, takeOmega3, through a fully controlled scientific study over an extended period. takeOmega3, which is entirely manufactured in the UK, is formulated with the highest levels of the active natural anti-inflammatory EPA available in the UK.
Dr Barbraj said: “Before we test the product on others, it seemed only fair to try it on ourselves.
“Ross and I spent time jumping off boxes, a technique known to inflict severe muscle damage to find out just how effective takeOmega3 could be.
“Previous trials and scientific papers suggest a very high EPA content in Omega 3 oils will help muscle recovery post-exercise. We wanted to prove that.”
Top sports coaches are already convinced of takeOmega3’s effectiveness. Former Scotland and British Lions international, Craig Chalmers has had his championship winning Melrose squad on the product throughout last season and this year the club is sporting the takeOmega3 logo on their shorts. And the Gloucester Rugby squad, playing in the Aviva Premiership, have also welcomed takeOmega3 as an official supplier.
takeOmega3 managing director Lesley Paton said: “We know from the feedback from the rugby players that they are convinced of our product’s unique properties.
“But John’s study should give us scientific proof. He may not be suffering for his art, but he’s certainly putting himself through the mill for the sake of science.”

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