The best way to great skin…?

Everyday we are bombarded with the latest quick fix to great skin and how to hold back the aging process – everyone is familiar with the terms botox , superfoods , detox  , cosmetic surgery . We also see advertisments regularly promoting the latest “miracle”skin cream . Yes the results from cosmetic surgery can be fantastic and take years off someone , a lot of us get a thrill when we unwrap the latest luxury skincream. However what is also key is to perhaps change your eating habits and focus on how best you can help yourself – the sad part of all this is the majority of us just want a quick fix solution and leave it all to the doctor or surgeon. One Doctor who has for years been asking us all to rethink our attitude to skincare is Dr Nicholas Perricone the renowned american dermatologist for years he has been promoting the benefits of eating the right types of food. He has been a strong advocate that to achieve great skin its not just about the product you put on your skin but  about what you eat . We seem to be obsessed with low fat / no fat diets however not all fats are bad and some are called essential fats for a very good reason – foods such as oily fish ie salmon , sardines are high in  essential fatty acids  EPA and DHA.  (EPA is the  key anti inflammatory omega 3 ) To help eat your way to a healthy skin you should try to eat oily fish at least twice per week , if that isnt possible then getyour daily fix of omega-3 with a high grade omega 3 product which is high in EPA , takeomega3 has some of the highest concentrations globally with 750mg EPA and 50mg DHA per capsule and delivers your daily dose of omega-3 in one capsule. I would also recommend that anyone who is thinking about undergoing invasive  cosmetic surgery ie liposuction , facelift, tummy tuck etc to start taking omega-3 preferably a couple of months before the procedure not only is it a skin friendly food but it also helps support cardio function.

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