TakeOmega3 to protect your hearing ?!

There have been two recent studies published  which found that eating at least two portions of oily fish a week resulted in a reduction of the risk of  developing hearing loss in the over 50’s by 42%. This was in comparison to individuals who ate just one portion per week .

The researchers reported, “Dietary intervention with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids could prevent or delay the development of age-related hearing loss.”

The data from the study was collected from a total of 2,956 men and women enrolled in the Blue Mountains Hearing Study. The subjects were questioned on their dietary consumption of fish using food-frequency questionnaires.

The scientists concluded that there is an inverse association between total and long-chain omega-3 consumption and hearing loss and with higher fish consumption, there is a reduction in the risk of developing presbycusis – age-related hearing loss.

However, further research which includes a human intervention trial is needed to fully grasp the correlation between the consumption of omega-3 and hearing loss.

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