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Omega3 fish oil EPA DHA safe to take during pregnancy and helps reduce eczema and food allergy

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

The occurrence of eczema and food allergies was 16 and 13 per cent lower, respectively, in infants of mothers receiving the fish oil supplements during pregnancy and the early months of breast-feeding, compared to placebo, according to findings published in the journal Acta Paediatrica.

“This randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study shows that omega 3 fish oil  EPA and DHA supplementation during pregnancy and lactation may reduce the risk of developing allergic sensitization to egg, IgE-associated eczema and  food allergy during the first year of life,” wrote the authors, led by Catrin Furuhjelm from Linkoping University.

Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is the predominant antibody associated with an allergic response.

The new study adds to the ever-growing list of studies supporting the potential health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) andDHA Much of its healthy reputation that is seeping into consumer consciousness is based largely on evidence that it can aid cognitive function and may help protect the heart against cardiovascular disease.

From mother to child

Furuhjelm and her co-workers recruited 145 pregnant women with allergies, or with partners or other children with allergies. Starting at the 25th week of their pregnancy, and continuing for between three and four months of breastfeeding, the women were randomly assigned to receive either daily fish oil supplements providing 1.6 g of EPA and 1.1 g of DHA  or placebo.

Using a range of tests, including clinical examination, skin prick tests, and blood tests for IgE, the researchers observed a 2 per cent prevalence of food allergy in the omega-3 group, compared to 15 per cent in the placebo group.

Furthermore, the incidence of IgE-associated eczema was only 8 per cent in the omega-3 group, compared to 24 per cent in the placebo group.

“Our findings suggest that the mechanisms leading to sustained IgE antibody production early in life may be inhibited by the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA,” wrote Furuhjelm.

Commenting on the mechanism, the Linkoping-based scientists proposed several possibilities. Both DHA and EPA may produce changes in the fluidity of the membranes of immune cells, and reduce the levels of the omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid (AA). By inhibiting the metabolism of AA, the formation of the less inflammatory eicosanoids is favoured, which may be linked to lower allergic sensitization in the children, said the researchers.

“Additional anti-inflammatory effects of EPA andDHA in early immune development through bioactive lipids, lipoxins, neuroprotectines and resolvins, have been discussed but it is not clear whether those are plausible explanatory mechanisms regarding our findings,” they said.

Food allergy rises

The number of allergic disease has also been rising, with an estimated eight per cent of children in the EU suffering from food allergies, according to the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations.

The most common food allergen ingredients and their derivatives are cereals containing gluten, fish, crustaceans, egg, peanut, soybeans, milk and dairy products including lactose, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seed, and sulphites.

Source: Acta Paediatrica
Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1111/j.1651-2227.2009.01355.x
“Fish oil supplementation in pregnancy and lactation may decrease the risk of infant allergy”
Authors: C. Furuhjelm, K. Warstedt, J. Larsson, M. Fredriksson, M. Fageras Bottcher, K. Falth-Magnusson, K. Duchen

The best anti aging supplement for a beautiful glowing skin.

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Get beautiful skin by taking omega 3 fish oil daily high in EPA it will reduce wrinkles and give you a glowing skin
Inflammation is at the basis of virtually every disease process such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and wrinkled skin .Essential fatty acids omega3 fish oil EPA and DHA fish oil nourish the skin, giving it a radiant and beautiful appearance.
to prevent inflammation which leads to skin’s aging and thinning you should eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg , drink water and eat oily fish such as salmon or sardines or take a daily high EPA omega 3 fish oil supplement.
cigarette smoke causes blood vessels to constrict, especially in the skin, resulting in lack of oxygen and nutrients, which accelerates skin aging Omega 3 EPA dilates your blood vessels and ensures better oxygen delivery this ensuring an anti aging effect on the skin working from the inside out .
EPA has also had succeess in the treatment of pro inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis , eczema, acne and spots .
Alcohol not only dehydrates us but causes a pro inflammatory reaction and when we are dehydrated, our skin looks terrible and we are also in a pro-inflammatory – state that accelerates the aging process. You can take steps to address this by taking a daily omega3 supplement high in EPA , eating fresh fruit and veg and also drinking water . It goes without saying that the lower your alcohol intake the better
To counteract inflammation on a cellular level take a daily omega3 fish oil -supplement high in EPA- EPA is the most powerful natural anti inflammatory. Face creams mainly have a cosmetic effect on your skin , to really change your skin you need to change it from the inside and taking omega3 daily helps you do that Omega-3 oils are powerful, natural anti-inflammatory – in fact EPA is the most powerful anti inflammatory so ensure your omega3 has a high level of EPA – omega 3 fish oil also nourish the brain and therefore can alleviate mental depression, EPA again is key in mental health and is as effective as Prozac in the treatment of depression it is used by the prestigious Priory Roehampton London . Omega 3 fish oil also helps nourish the immune system, and therefore help prevent infection and cancer. And essential fatty acids nourish the skin, giving it a radiant and beautiful appearance Try taking one capsule per day of TakeOmega3 with the highest levels of EPA at 750mg per capsule and see the difference in your skin within 30 days .

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