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Hughes Syndrome Multiple Miscarriage Antiphospholipid syndrome

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Hughes Syndrome is believed to be the cause of multiple miscarriage . The condition also known as Antiphospholipid syndrome was identified in the 80’s by Prof Graham Hughes. Basically the condition causes the blood to become sticky and as a result prone to clotting . Omega 3 specifically EPA is believed to have benefit to this due to its blood thinning effect  our product contains no Vitamin A or Vitamin D which are found in cod liver oil and maybe harmful during pregnancy – the advantage is that this is a completely natural effect and has none of the side effects of blood thinning medications. They also when taken along side blood thinning drugs such as aspirin clopedigrel (Plavix) and warfarin strengthen the effect so it maybe that a lower dose of pharmaceutical medication is required .

The key to successful use of omega3 as a blood thinner is to ensure that it is a high concentration product with high levels of EPA – EPA is the key anti inflammatory which is why it is so effective . Obviously you should speak with your doctor if you are currently on blood thinning medications. Unlike Cod Liver Oil our omega 3 fish oil  contains no vitamin A or D which maybe harmful during pregnancy

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