Omega 3 Fish Oil Improves Lung Function in Asthmatics During Exercise

Omega 3 fish Oil specifically EPA from marine sources such as fish ie sardines , anchovies have anti-inflammatory effects in respiratory tissues in people with asthma, . Recently,  omega-3 fish oils were found to ease breathing in elite athletes with exercise-induced airway narrowing. Now, they appear to help asthmatics during exercise, too.

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine, USA, compared the effect of 3 weeks of fish or olive oil supplementation on lung function in asthmatic patients. Participants were tested by treadmill exercise and had their lung function and use of bronchodilators measured before, during, and after exercise. When the patients consumed the fish oil supplements, they reduced their use of bronchodilators by nearly a third and experienced significantly improved lung function compared to their performance when consuming olive oil or a normal diet. The usual decline in lung function with exercise and a normal diet was reduced by 64% during the period of fish oil consumption. These responses were accompanied by corresponding changes in immune responses in white blood cells, and reduced production of pro-inflammatory chemical mediators.

These findings suggest an additional strategy to ease the breathing difficulties associated with exercise, particularly in cold conditions. These results also support current understanding of how omega 3 fish oil specifically EPA  suppress inflammatory responses in asthma and exercise induced asthma  and other clinical conditions with exaggerated immune responses.

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