Omega 3 Fish Oil and Depression , Mental Health as used in NHS

Recent studies have shown that 1000mg EPA  omega 3 fish oil is as effective as Prozac in the treatment of medium to severe depression . When used together with the anti depressant it was even more effective than either treatment separately .
Forth Valley HealthBoard  recommend the brand takeomega 3  fish oil both as an adjunctive and primary therapy in medium to severe depression as well as other mental health disorders such as PTSD, OCD .
The reason they use and recommend Takeomega 3 fish oil  is primarily due to the fact this is the highest concentration currently available at just under 90% it also offers 750mg EPA per capsule with minimal quantities of DHA . The product is also manufactured in MHRA licensed facilities .

Forth Valley HealthBoard  Omega 3 Fish Oil Depression

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